Revit MEP Fundamentals and Essentials Training

This is a one-day 8-hour training course This course does not have any prerequisites and assumes that you have not worked with Revit in the past.

Fundamentals and Essentials

Exploring the Revit MEP User Interface

The Main Revit Window
The Application Button
Setting Options

Opening an Existing Project

Opening a Non-workshare enabled Project File
Opening a Workshare Enabled Project File
Starting up a New Project
Selecting a Template
Saving your work

The Ribbon Menu

Expanded panels
Dialog Launcher
Key Tips
Customizing the Ribbon
Quick Access Toolbar
The Undo and Redo Commands
The Thin Lines Tool
Zoom and Pan

The Properties Palette

Displaying Instance Properties for an Element
Displaying Type Properties for an Element
Selecting a Family Element in the Type Selector

The Project Browser

Expanding View Categories
View Organization
View Creation

3D Views

Creating a Camera View
Naming the Camera View

Section Views

Creating a Section View
Cutting the Section View
Naming the Section View

Plan Views

Drafting Views
Elevation Views
Callout Views
Duplicate View
Legends Creating a Legend
Keynote Legends


Scope Box

Using Scope Boxes to Control Datum Elements

The Drawing Area

Arranging Views in the drawing area
Tiling Views
Working in a view
Status Bar
Options Bar
View Control Bar

Using Fundamental Commands to Draw and Edit Elements

Editing a Fitting
Creating a Linear Array
Creating a Radial Array
Pin and Un-pin

Drafting in 2D with Revit MEP

Creating a 2D Pump Piping Detail
Importing an Existing AutoCAD Detail
Creating 2D Detail Symbology
Using 2D Detail Symbols to Create New Details

Guidelines for Working on a Team Project

Launching Revit and Working on Your Project Each Day
Synchronizing with Central
Setting an Active Workset
Taking Ownership of a Workset
Saving the Project at the End of the Day
Day to Day Project Management: Best Practices
Working with Hosted Families
Managing Linked Model Files
Working with Library Content

Creating Sheet Views

Creating a Sheet Legend
Adding 2D Drafting Details to a Project
Aligning Views on a Sheet
Adding a Guide Grid to a Sheet
Using the Guide Grid to Align Printing Views on the Sheet
Creating Plan Sheets
Creating a Details Sheet
Adding a 3D View to the Details Sheet
Adding a Section View to the Details Sheet
Adding a 2D Detail View to the Details Sheet
Adding a Callout View to the Details Sheet
Adding Graphics Scales to a Sheet
Modifying the View Title so the Text in the Title does not wrap
Adding a Schedule

Managing Project Standards

Transferring project standards
An Example of Transferring Project Standards