Plumbing and Fire Protection Training

This is a one-day 8-hour training course The only prerequisite is that you take the Revit MEP Fundamentals course before taking this course or have an equivalent amount of work experience approved by the instructor.

Adding Revit MEP Plumbing Fixtures to the Project

Creating a Table of Fixtures from the Architectural Link File
Using the Copy/Monitor Batch Copy Tool
Specifying Coordination Settings
Working With the Batch Copy Tool
Adjusting the Fixtures after a Batch Copy

Placing Revit MEP Fixtures from the Library

Placing a Mixing Faucet, Drain, and P-Trap for a Sink
Placing Flush Valves for Water Closets and Urinals
Placing a Sink Faucet for the Mop Service Basins
Placing a Sill Cock on the Outside of the Building

Creating Pipe Systems for Plumbing

Creating a Piping System for Compressed Air Piping
Creating Pipe Types for Plumbing
Creating a Pipe Type for Carbon Steel Grooved Pipe with Victaulic Fittings

Creating a Domestic Cold Water Supply System

Placing the Domestic Cold Water Supply Main
Placing the Backflow Preventer assembly
Verifying the Elevation of the Main Line and Structural Framing
Adding Branch Piping to the Toilet Group on the First Floor
Using the Connect Into Tool to Place a Fixture Connection
Placing a Fixture Connection Manually
Sizing the Branch Network of Pipe to the Toilets
Completing the Domestic Cold Water Supply Piping

Checking for Interferences

Interference Check – Plumbing vs. Structural
Interference Check – Plumbing vs. Mechanical

Creating a Domestic Hot Water Supply System

Adding a Commercial Gas-fired Water Heater
Connecting a Cold Water Supply Pipe to the Water Heater
Adding the Hot Water Supply Pipe Main Line
Connecting Hot Water to the Fixtures

Creating Sanitary Waste & Vent Piping

Loading Carrier Fittings for the Wall Mounted Fixtures
Placing the Carrier Fittings
Connecting the Fixtures to the Carrier Fittings
Wet Venting the Toilet to the Urinal
Adding Sanitary Waste and Vent piping to the Lavatories
Connecting the First and Second Floor Sanitary Waste and Vent Piping
Adding the Sanitary Sewer Main Drain Line

Creating Sheet Views for Plotting