Electrical Training

This is a one-day 8-hour training course The only prerequisite is that you take the Revit MEP Fundamentals course before taking this course or have an equivalent amount of work experience approved by the instructor.

Lighting Design

Basis for Design – Lighting Systems
Using Space Properties to Determine Illumination Levels
Creating a Space Illumination Schedule

Placing and Circuiting Lights

Placing Lights on the First Floor
Placing 2×4 Recessed Parabolic Lights
Placing Recessed Round Ceiling Mounted Lights
Placing 2×2 Recessed Parabolic Lights
Placing Pendant Lights in the Mechanical and Electrical Rooms
Placing Outdoor Lights at the Entry and Exit Doors
Placing Accent Lighting in the Stairwells
Placing Lights on the Second Floor
Adding an Electrical Panel for Lighting
Tagging Lights with their Type Mark Values
Placing Switches for Lighting
Creating Power Circuits for Lighting
Creating a Power Circuit
Adding a Switch to an Existing Circuit
Creating a Light Group for Controlling Lights in a Rendering
Placing Wiring for a Lighting Circuit
Modifying the Circuit Wiring Graphic Representation
Controlling the Display of Tick Marks
Labeling the Home Run
Creating Switch Circuits for Lighting
Adding Switch ID Values

Placing and Circuiting Receptacles

Adding an Electrical Panel for Devices
Creating Power circuits for Receptacles
Creating a Power Circuit

Placing Power and Data Raceways in the Data Center

Creating and Placing Bus Duct
Creating Bus Duct
Placing Bus Duct
Placing Cable Tray in the Data Center
Locating the Data Rack and Panel
Placing the Cable Tray
Placing Floor Mounted Duplex Receptacles in the Data Center
Feeding the Power Panel in the Control Room
Creating the Power Circuit to the Receptacles in the Data Center

Creating Power circuits for Mechanical Equipment

Placing Mechanical Equipment
Creating Mechanical Power Views
Applying Visibility Filters to Electrical Fixtures
Linking the Mechanical Project to the Electrical Project
Viewing the Properties of Mechanical Equipment in the Linked Project
Using Copy/Paste to Place Mechanical Equipment
Adding Electrical Fixtures to Represent Mechanical Equipment Power Connections
Placing a Motor with Disconnect Fixture
Placing a Motor Fixture
Wiring First Floor VAV Boxes
Wiring Second Floor VAV Boxes
Wiring Equipment in the Mechanical and Electrical Rooms
Wiring the Roof Top A/C Units
Circuiting the Domestic Water Heater

Adding a Main Distribution Panel and Transformer

Adding the Main Distribution Panel
Adding the Transformer
Wiring the Panels to the Transformer and MDP
Adding a Housekeeping Pad for the Transformer

Editing the Panel Schedules

Creating Conduit Runs

Creating Sheet Views for Plotting